A Walk in the Dark

Remember the stories you shared with friends around the campfire on long summer nights?Remember seeing A Christmas Carol for the first time or hearing tales of the spooky woods or the chilly October twilight as you sat by your grandparents’ fireplace and wind rattled the window panes?Our tales will take you from the dark, abandoned corridor of a silent airport to a Civil War Cemetery set in a walnut grove to the fantastical world of Steampunk to find not gruesome terror, but spirits who come to help us when we need them. We call it the Redemptive Gothic. Welcome: open the pages and come along with us! What will you find when you dare to take a walk in the dark?

A Walk in the Dark

  • About the Authors

    Beverly R. Green is a high school English teacher and author. Her books include Coffee on the Porch with Jesus, Carry My Tears: A Myth, and Carry My Tears to Shiloh. She lives in Ohio with her husband Marty and her cat, Mystic.


    E. L. Risden is a professor of English in Wisconsin, where he lives with his wife Kristy and cat, Bingley. He has published twenty-seven books including fiction and poetry, as well as literary scholarship and theory.

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