Blue Lives in Jeopardy: When the Badge Becomes the Target

A major theme in Blue Lives in Jeopardy is the very disturbing trend for law enforcement officers. More and more officers are being systematically targeted for assassination merely because they wear a badge. In some cases, officers are ambushed or taken by surprise with their weapon still in their holster. In chapters three through eight of this book, the victim officers were shot before they could draw their weapon. The most glaring example of an outright assassination was the murder of CHP Officer Thomas Steiner, who was shot by a sixteen-year-old who wanted to impress a street gang he wished to join.Valuable and instructive components of these books are the “Lessons Learned” segments that appear at the end of each chapter. Former LAPD Captain Greg Meyer is one of the nation’s foremost experts on police tactics and officer safety, having lectured and provided expert testimony on these topics throughout the country over the years. He has provided his expertise and insights to this book. These reflections can hopefully assist officers in recognizing dangerous situations and enhance officer safety.

Blue Lives in Jeopardy: When the Badge Becomes the Target

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    Hon. Steve Cooley served as the 41st District Attorney of Los Angeles County. With more than 2,000 employees, including roughly 1,000 prosecutors and nearly 300 investigators, the L. A. County District Attorney’s Office is the largest prosecuting office in the country. Cooley was hired by the D. A.’s Office in 1974 and was a career prosecutor. Three decades later, he was elected District Attorney. In 2008 he became the first District Attorney in 70 years to be re-elected to a third consecutive term.
           He is a graduate of Cal State Los Angeles, where he was student body president, and of the University of Southern California Law Center. While a law student at USC, Cooley joined the Los Angeles Police Department’s Reserve Officer Program and proudly served for six years.  
           Cooley has been honored numerous times by the legal community and civic groups for his performance as District Attorney. He and wife Jana have been married for 44 years. They have two grown children and three grandchildren.   


    Robert Schirn  has been employed by the L. A. County District Attorney’s Office for over 50 years. He is a graduate of Princeton University and the UCLA School of Law. He joined the Office in 1967 as a trial lawyer. He was promoted to Head Deputy in 1978 and for the next 27 years supervised many of the Divisions in the Office.  In 2000, Schirn was selected as the L. A. County Prosecutor of the Year by his peers and, in 2001, he was named Prosecutor of the Year by the California Narcotics Officers Association. He is considered the unofficial historian for the Office, having prepared case summaries and PowerPoints on many of the high-profile cases handled by the Office. He and wife Zanda have been married over 50 years with two grown sons and five granddaughters.

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