Kindness in a Scary World & One More Day

Kindness in a Scary World


How does a parent explain senseless mass violence to a child who is just old enough to be aware that the world has become an unpredictable and frightening place? Kindness In A Scary World is a story about a family that watches news coverage of a terrorist attack and the family's reaction to the event. The child questions why the attack happened and whether their family is safe. The parents honestly answer their child's many questions about the attack and help reduce their child's fear by focusing on positive ways the child can contribute to society. This ground-breaking first in children's literature is a must-have for anyone with young children in their lives, written by a therapist who has focused on healing traumatized children and families for two decades. 


One More Day


In the context of bulling, we tend to focus on the don'ts. Don't point. Don't stare. Don't use hurtful words. Being the eternal optimist that he is, Joe challenges us to redirect our energy. Instead of not acting like a bully, he calls us to imitate the compassion of a friend. Subtle yet powerful, the examples Joe gives of people going out of their way to treat him like they would anyone else call all of us to action. After hearing about the experiences that have shaped his life, we can't help but be inspired to reciprocate kindness and grace - the same kind that was extended to Joe - to people in our own lives.

Kindness in a Scary World & One More Day

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