Amorette Belliard doesn’t need anyone else. Ever since her father was murdered, she has lived on the streets and taken care of herself. But when her boss sells her out to the very people who killed her father, her world is turned upside down. She is suddenly hunted as well. Damien, an agent working for the academy that killed her father, gives her the opportunity to save herself by hunting another Undesirable named the Opera Ghost, famous for haunting the divas of the Palais Garnier, especially a certain Christine Daaé.


It seems the more Amorette tries to escape, the further she becomes entangled. What are Undesirables and why does everyone think she’s going to save them? What does this all have to do with her father? How can she save Christine from the Opera Ghost? One thing is for sure, if Amorette doesn’t stay one step ahead of everyone, she’ll definitely end up dead.


The first book in the Amorette Belliard series, The Ghost’s Assistant runs parallel to The Phantom of the Opera, bringing new life to one of the world’s most famous stories.  

The Ghost's Assistant

  • About the Author

    Kylie Shannon is originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin. She often has wanderlust and loves to travel anywhere she can. She has recently graduated from UCD in Dublin, Ireland. She is now pursuing her masters at Nottingham Trent University and lives in England with her fiancé and their cat, Oscar. Kylie writes radio plays for the Podcast Players and recently had her first play premiere in Dublin. The Ghost’s Assistant is her first book, and the first in the Amorette Belliard Series.

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