The Meadow | A Novel by Scott A. Winkler

Invisible wounds.  No matter how deeply they're buried, they resurrect emotions that cut even more severely upon resurfacing. The Meadow explores the impact of such wounds.

In America's heartland in the late 1960s, Walter Neumann struggles to accept his father's vision for him: that he serve in the Army as his father had served in World War II and forego his dream of college. When a family tragedy unearths secrets that Walt's parents have kept buried for years, these secrets, and the wounds they re-open, threaten to shatter Walt's world. Through the love and guidance of the people closest to him and the redemptive power of stories, Walt arrives at a place of healing--for himself and for his family--equipped to handle the difficulties he knows he and others will encounter given the arc and trajectory of history.

The Meadow appeals not only to readers drawn to the long tradition of war and peace narratives in both American and World literatures, but to general readers who appreciate narratives with complex characters and an unwavering sense of time and place, allowing them to enter a world whose particulars resonate with enduring, timeless themes of love, redemption, and the healing character of stories. The Meadow is a complex but engaging narrative that refuses to compromise. The answers to the questions it poses matter and will continue to matter, explored in an lyrical, energetic prose that never betrays the depth of its subject.


The Meadow | A Novel by Scott A. Winkler


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