Yes, Ma'am!

Officer Susan L. Bickett invites readers into her squad for a ride-along in the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Not unlike the good, the bad and the ugly; readers will experience The Routine, The Tones and The Unbelievable.


In this candid, day-in-the-life memoir, readers will experience the humanness of police officers as they serve and protect their communities. In an occupation where no two days are the same, being prepared is a unique challenge, especially as a female officer. Officer Bickett shares her journey from under the headset, to beat cop and even a brief detective stint. Buckle up! This is a ride full of stories with a glimpse behind the badge while riding the thin blue line.

Yes, Ma'am!

  • About the Author

    Officer Susan L. Bickett


    Best known for her numerous foot chases through Titletown USA, Susan L. Bickett served 18 years as a police officer with the Green Bay Police Department.


    Challenging at times, Bickett enjoyed patrolling the streets of her hometown. She especially loved the many opportunities to make a positive impact on people that being a peace officer afforded her; never forgetting where she came from – dispatch.


    Armed with a passion for keeping citizens safe, Bickett was a full spectrum cop, making a difference; whether that was hunting bad people or making routine traffic stops to promote safer driving habits. An active member of the local community, Bickett became a fixture at Shop With A Cop, school career days, and many other neighborhood programs. Bickett took great pride in wearing the badge and made it a priority to try and set the example by being a positive role model.


    Susan is now enjoying a well-earned retirement, sharing time with family and friends in the city she served for over two decades.

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